Where i buy food

Friends often ask where i buy my food, as i don’t frequent supermarkets much. I get the bulk of my fresh produce from high street or delivered to my door from one of the following lovely companies:

Organic fruit and veg from Riverford (i tried Abel and Cole but found Riverford to be tad better, and cheaper). Raw milk, butter and cream from Hook and SonMeat and fish from locals butchers William Rose or The Butchery, and fishmonger Moxons, or delivered from FordhallRosewoodBlacfkaceTurner and George (formerly East London Steak Company) and Farmison. I get eggs from many places, usually Riverford or butchers, but if I’m stuck I make sure i buy organic & free range from any local deli or supermarket. Various cupboard ingredients, dried & canned stuff, nuts, olive oil, etc, i buy wholesale from Infinity (minimum order £250 but you can team up with friends). Which leaves, well, not much!
While writing this post, i decided to compare prices of a classic meat cut, the rump steak, between different suppliers and the resultant list is here. Also during this research i discovered a few exciting suppliers that i haven’t yet tried, when i do i will comment.


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