My favourite (UK) suppliers of quality food


Here is a list of few UK suppliers of good quality grass-fed meat, free range pork and poultry, with an average price of a rump steak (£/kg), for comparison:

  • Fordhall farm (rump steak £21.99/kg) – beautiful organic farm from Nth Shropshire, it is a collective and you can buy a share and become an owner (!) I would love to visit them one day. Their meat is great, they supply a range of offal, organ meats and cheap cuts, as well as prime beef, lamb and pork. Also chickens, geese & turkeys.
  • Rosewood farm (boxes only, not easy to work out price of cuts*) – 100% fantastic grass-fed beef & lamb, free range pork, they sell many different boxes of meat so there’s something for everyone. (*I shall ask them for an estimate price of a rump steak)
  • Blackface meat company (rump steak £21.25/kg) – another small farm from Scotland, with superb selection of grass-fed beef & lamb, but also a large variety of game.
  • Turner & George (rump, centre cut – £21/kg) formerly East London Steak Company, this is a London-based company with amazing meat, as well as beautifully-organised website and superb delivery system, whenever i need meat quickly i order from them (free over £25, within M25). Try their Ross chicken or the bavette steak.
  • Farmison (rump steak about £20/kg) exclusive and deluxe ‘restaurant-style’ food including great meat, poultry, cheese, veg…can be pricey. However their ‘monthly meat boxes‘ are quite good value and if you ever order from them, they’ll keep sending you reduced price vouchers and special offers – worth waiting for.
  • Creedy carver – fantastic poultry including the best ducks i have ever tried.

These ones i haven’t tried, but look forward to:


Bob’s Red Mill looks awesome – importantly, many items are now sold on
(freshly-ground grains and cereals are much better for you than old stale flour)


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